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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The important of the computer

As well as we know computer is a machine that important nowdays. Without a computer, the industry in our country will retarded. The reason why computer is so important because it is use in saving a lot of important document. We also used computer to do works such as documentation, calculating, publishing and so on. We also use computer in order to surf the internet. We can get a lot of information by surfing the internet. As a university student, surfing internet is important for us to find information regarding the assignment that the lecturers give to the students. Futhermore, we also done the assignment using some program in the computer and sent it to the lecturers using email. That why the goverment had make a campaign such as one computer in one house and also ICT in the village. The reason that goverment done this because to make all Malaysian know how to used a computer. Even in the villages, a class for learning computer are open to the villagers. So, we have to know how to use the computer as it is really important to our life now.


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